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Developing new, disruptive e-waste recycling industry and lucrative mining business opportunity.

The invention

Disrupting the rare earths industry

We’ve developed a completely new method using green chemistry to leach and recover rare earth and precious metals from e-waste and mining ore. 

Together with our robotic application, this technology builds a complete production chain of REEs and precious metals, independent of 3rd party refining.

Disassembly robotics

Identifies and sorts REE and precious metal containing components from used electronics for maximized material recovery.

Toxin-free leaching

An all-organic and non-toxic leaching solution that’s cost-effective, reusable, and scalable, ensuring a highly positive ROI.

Effective recovery

Recovers critical metals at exceptional purity rates, producing ready-to-use precious metals and REE concentrate.

FULL supply chain

These inventions make it possible to set up a complete production chain of REEs, from source material to usable form.

E-waste recycling

Maximizing value with REEs

Over 50 million metric tons of electronic waste is generated each year. Despite the valuable metals it contains, less than 20% gets recycled – most ends up in landfills or burned in incinerators, releasing harmful toxins in the air. That’s why we’ve developed a complete ”e-waste to REEs” process enabling safe, fast, and cost-effective recycling of end-of-life electronics.

Mining industry

A lucrative opportunity

Capable of extracting all valuable metals from mining ore and tailings, our green chemistry enables mines to expand their production to materials previously considered not economical enough to process – minimizing waste, meeting sustainability goals and improving operational safety without large investments. As our organic solution not only leaches critical metals but also recovers them into a usable form, mines are now able to establish a full, end-to-end production chain of critical metals without 3rd party post-processing and refining.

Leaching and recovery
One solution for all rare earth and precious metals

Our unique method uses organic acids to leach and recover rare earth and precious metals from e-waste and mining ore at exceptional purity rates. Based on green chemistry, the solution is 100% toxin-free, pH-neutral, and safe for people and the environment. It is reusable and scaleable, with components that are easy to acquire at a low cost. The highly selective recovery process targets REEs, transforming them into pure rare earth concentrate, after which individual precious metals can be extracted as ready-to-use powder.


Toxin-free and safe to the environment.

96% +

Purity of recovered REEs and precious metals.


Cheaper than other common leaching methods.


Faster than cyanide leaching.

This invention has been recognized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Finland as “key in the future of mining”, and selected to participate in two EU projects. The leaching solution, recovery method, and related components are patented with the European Patent Office and are currently being processed in the USA, Australia, and Canada. 


Designed for e-waste pre-processing

To complement our leaching and recovery method, we’ve developed a patented technology for an extraction robot that disassembles electronic waste, identifying REE and precious metal containing components and sorting them for recovery. The robot separates each component according to the metal it contains – it is capable of detecting even small amounts of rare earth metals, ensuring maximized material recycling.

robotICS play a key role in the recycling of critical metals, improving PROFITS and efficiency
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